Machining examples

An excellent track record of machining primary ceramic and sapphire materials. Flatness and efficient machining highly praised by abrasive makers.

■ Ultra-flat surface lapping of ceramics

Machining of large-diameter ceramics is possible with submicron flatness and single nano-order surface roughness.

■ Ultra-flat surface lapping of sapphire

Sapphire, which is hard to be mirror-surface finished by grinding, can be finished with submicron flatness and surface roughness below Ra1nm. Nagase has an excellent track record of machining sapphire.

■ Ultra-high efficiency lapping of SiC

Lapping of monocrystal SiC wafer is possible with efficiency and flatness that were not available with conventional machines.

■ Ultra-efficiency lapping of crystallized glass

Quality and efficiency lapping of hard glass materials
Large-area machining is also possible.


Please let go of the idea that the lapping machine is low in machining rate and flatness.

1. Facing accuracy below 1μm
Surprising flatness and machining rate
Superior table rotation accuracy

Facing of a meter-size surface plate can be done with flatness of below 1μm.
The ultra-flat surface plate and accurate rotation allow the loose grain to work effectively and achieve unconventionally efficient machining.

2. Rigid and ultra-low vibration structure for high repeatability and quality

The non-contact and polyhedral constraint static guideway with no friction or wear and minimized gap is employed in the table axis. Not only accurate rotation but also excellent vibration damping is realized. In addition, the ultra-rigid frame structure achieves high-flatness machining. Repeatability, quality and flatness are all ensured in machining.

3. Two-step pressure setting (by automatic switching)

Pressure can be automatically switched in 2 steps up to 120kgf.

4. Flat surface machining and deep grooving

Using the facing unit enables flat surface machining and deep grooving of surface plates accurately.

5. Changing the program enables corner rounding of surface plates

Changing the program enables corner rounding of surface plates (optional).

■ Facing unit and ultra-low vibration surface plate

Ultra-high speed inverse rotation achieves accurate and efficient machining.

■ High-rigidity frame structure

Unconventionally high accuracy, flatness and machining rate


■ Correction ring

■ Ceramic ring for workpiece

■ Cooling unit

■ Forcible drive unit

Series models

○ Super-precision lapping machine PLM-610

This compact model is most suitable for efficient ultra-flat lapping of semiconductor and electronic materials such as ceramics, sapphire, SiC, etc.
Nagase has a proven track record of manufacturing large quantities of this model.

○ Super-precision lapping machine PLM-1750

A model compliant with ultra-flat surface lapping of large-diameter ceramic, sapphire and glass materials
Application of technology enables the development of machines to cope with a maximum of φ2700-sized area.


Model/item Size Work face plate size Surface plate size Surface plate rotation speed Facing unit Machine weight
    mm mm min-1   ton
PLM 610 φ248×3 φ610 0〜110 Attachable 2
2000 φ860×3 φ2000 0〜30 Attachable 30

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For further information, please contact us. We will make a proposal according to your requests.

Customers who are thinking of introducing new facilities are welcome to ask us for test machining or to visit our factory. Please feel free to consult us. Inform us of your facility conditions, size and material of machining workpieces, machining time, etc., in details.
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