Machining examples

For smarter and finer than ever. Nagase has been producing amazing machining results.

■ Cutting of reinforced glass by smart beam

Hard-to-cut reinforced glass can be cut with a smooth cutting surface.

■ Cutting of LT (lithium tantalite) by smart beam

Cleaving of brittle material with minimized chipping.

■ Cleaving of monocrystal SiC wafers by accurate roller cutter

Stable machining results with no tool wear even after continuous cleaving

■ Cleaving of aluminum nitride by accurate roller cutter

Cleaving with chipping below 10μm


Basic system and tool unit born from encounters with cutting or cleaving difficulties.

1. Excellent longitudinal straight motion accuracy and cross axis repeatability

Longitudinal axis straight motion and cross axis repeatability with submicron accuracy.
The correct motion line with no deviation ensures machining with minimal cracks, defects, chipping or kerfs.

2. Excellent parallel motion characteristics by low-vibration structure

The stage feed guideway has a unique non-contact structure and the drive also uses a non-contact super-precision linear motor. The structure with minimized vibration and fluctuation can prevent chipping during machining. 。

3. High-speed machining by high-accuracy linear motor

300mm/sec. feed speed is realized without deteriorating high accuracy to reach unconventionally high-speed machining (blade & dicing type provided separately).

4. Ultra-high accuracy machining, using four original kinds of tools

Unitized tools can be mounted on a system suited to the Customer specifications.
● Smart dicing & scribing type (SPS-L)
Originally developed accurate laser unit to demonstrate optimum wavelength, frequency and output beam according to the thickness and accuracy of materials to machine.
(Test cutting is available.)
This machine is characterized by accurate and efficient scribing and dicing (full cut type) of reinforced glass, LT, LN, sapphire, monocrystal SiC and other clear materials, in particular.
● Roller cutter & scribing type
Highly rigid scribing unit for accurate cleaving by roller cutter
Automatic touching of the tool tip and adjustment of pressure within 100 – 850g are possible. Scribing with minimized tool wear is possible during machining of about 100 sheets of 4-inch monocrystal SiC wafers.
● Hybrid scribing type (SPS-LR)
Unique machining method by combining cleaving with the above smart beam and roller cutter (patented)
This technology was born to achieve breakless cleaving of various materials.
● Blade dicing type (SPG)
This type enables machining by dicing blade. Nagase is proud of our excellent track record of dicing of hard crystal and ceramic materials. For details, refer to “Variations”.

5. Simple operation by inputting data on the touch panel

Complicated machining is simply done through touch panel operation.

6. Automatic alignment by accurate image processing (OP)

By mounting a high-accuracy camera, the machining line is read from the workpiece top surface for automatic positioning before starting machining.

7. Full-automation by cassette-to-cassette operation (OP)

By automatic workpiece supply and exchange unit, cassette-to-cassette automatic machining is possible. Combining with the high-rigidity breaking machine NVK-100, automation through breaking is also possible.

■ High-accuracy and high-speed table operation

High-speed machining at 300mm/sec. with submicron straightness

■ Smart beam unit

Unique and accurate laser machining unit to cope with non-linear machining of transparent materials

■ Touch panel operation screen

Various kinds of machining are possible by simple operation on the screen.

■ Automatic alignment

Highly accurate positioning is automatically done.


■ Automatic alignment unit
■ Automatic workpiece supply & exchange unit
■ Compliance with clean room

Other models in the series (For details, please contact us.)

○ High-accuracy slicing machine SPG series

Dicing machine with unparalleled rigidity
Deep grooving, one-path dicing and full-cut dicing are possible.
Efficient and accurate cutting and grooving of various materials such as optical glass, ceramics and crystal are possible. Machine sizes 150 and 315 are available.

○ General-purpose dicing machine SGM-52 CE2

Reasonable machine for simple slicing operation

○ High-accuracy breaking machine NVK-100

Chipping of scribed workpieces is fully automatic. Alignment in the Y direction and chipping by breaking are possible. By saving more than 50 kinds of breaking conditions, products can be controlled for each type. By combining with the robot, fully automatic machining is possible on the cassette-to-cassette basis.

○ Machining by breaking machine NVK

Highly rigid original machine most suited for breaking of hard brittle materials such as SiC, GaN, sapphire, ceramics and crystal


Model/item Table work area Min. setting unit of X, Y, Z Table longitudinal (X axis) stroke Column cross (Y axis) stroke Vertical (Z axis) stroke Index min. unit
  mm mm mm mm mm °(degree)
SPS/-L-150 φ170 0.0001 280 165 20 0.0001
SPS-LR-150 φ170 0.0001 280 165 60 0.0001
Model/item Chucking size Stroke
(longitudinal x cross)
Table top surface
Spindle center
Min. unit in vertical direction Min. unit in cross direction Min. unit in longitudinal direction Wheel size
(OD x W x ID)
  mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
SPG-150 400×150 405×160 165 0.0001 0.0001 0.0001 φ100〜120×0.1〜10×φ40
SPG-200 200×200 600×225 203 0.0001 0.0001 0.0001 φ100〜125×10×φ40
SGM-52CE2 500×200 630×230 490 0.001
Model/item Work size Chip size Y-axis mechanism min. unit Y-axis max. feed speed X-axis (camera) max. feed speed Rotation mechanism min. unit
  mm mm mm mm/sec mm/sec º (deg.)
NVK-100 Within □100 More than □0.3 0.001 50 30 0.001

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■ Actual machine accuracy and machining accuracy described on this site may differ depending on the measurement and machining conditions.

■ For further details, you may request specifications, technical information, etc.

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For further information, please contact us. We will make a proposal according to your requests.

Customers who are thinking of introducing new facilities are welcome to ask us for test machining or to visit our factory. Please feel free to consult us. Inform us of your facility conditions, size and material of machining workpieces, machining time, etc., in details.
Sales personnel in your district will make a proposal designed to meet your requirements.

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