The NAGASE way

Philosophy, direction and sense of value

The NAGASE way was formalized in December, 2001 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the company's foundation. The founder's spirit, company culture and traditional techniques that have been handed down at Nagase were complied. The basic concept, sense of value and behavior underlying the Nagase corporate activities have been collected into one notebook to be shared by all employees. Let us introduce a part of the Nagase way.

Corporate slogan

“Customer satisfaction is the only path we follow”

Nagase Integrex accumulates and summons wisdom. Wisdom is a practical solution. The driving force for accumulating wisdom is awareness and a hunger for excellence at all times. Nagase Integrex, as an optimum value creator, tries to create and offer the best value to customers.


  1. 1. To continue as a leading company.
    2. To create and offer the best value to satisfy customers.
    3. To make adequate profits, income and fulfilled benefit package
    4. To work with satisfaction and pride.
    5. To be a company which respects the individual in the group dynamic (All for one and one for all)
    6. To maintain balance across each goal. (ex. two sides of the same coin)

Nagase's fundamental concept

The company consists of “human beings”, “things” and “money”. Among these factors, we place the highest level of importance on “human beings”. We believe that the human ideas, feelings and passions make a company. The NAGASE way consists of a variety of ideas, work procedures and customs mean to work together by combining vectors of each Nagase employee's enthusiasm to make the best.

1. Sticking to the principles and basics

With Nagase, the factors required for super-precision machining are defined as “ten factors in super-precision machining” and “seven characteristics of super-precision machinery”. To achieve submicron or nano-order machining accuracy, numerous factors that affect machining need to be taken into consideration. We place emphasis on the work faithful to the principles and basics of physical phenomenon and order of nature.

2. Technological root spread

Nagase attaches great importance to each element of technology. Manufacturing contains important technology behind the scenes. When there is one factor such as “machine”, there are other factors such as “analysis”, “heat” and “vibration”, and then numerous factors lie underneath. Thorough investigation of these factors and sublimation of skills and experiences as “technology” is Nagase's real strength in super-precision technology.

3. Expanding the capacity

“Sparing no investment in pursuit of the highest quality” is one of Nagase's ideas. We believe that a company can perform work commensurate with its ability. The company's caliber represents human beings, facilities and technology. We make generous investment in “training of human resources”, “new facilities” and “technological development” to be ready to accept the work at any time.

4. Absolute quality and repeatability

There are a number of areas in Nagase as a company that explore physics and science. One of them is absolute quality. We never underestimate the need for comparative measurement with even the most advanced measures. In other words, the custom of ensuring everything possible is done to find the true value by adopting set standards and always performing measures in line with such standards. We do not treat the quality achieved as a one-off but place much value on the development to a skill level with high repeatability.

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