Target machining

Ideal surface and high quality mirror finish
by Nagase.

●Major machining examples

Ultra surface grinding (die plates, etc.)
Ultra mirror finish machining
Contouring and shape fabricating
Ultra-precision grooving and form fabrication

●Ultra surface grinding (die plates, etc.)

Machining of workpieces in size of 600x300 or 800x400 is possible with high repeatability and submicron flatness and parallelism

●Ultra mirror finish machining (for press and resin dies, etc.)

Accurate infeed is possible even for high-number grinding wheels. Furthermore, mechanical fluctuation is eliminated to achieve higher quality.

●Contouring and shape fabricating

Contouring by simultaneous control of vertical/cross axes and shape fabricating by simultaneous control of vertical/longitudinal axes are possible with outstanding accuracy.

●Ultra-precision grooving and form fabrication

High repeatability to the submicron enables accurate grooving and form fabrication of connectors, etc.

Feature 01

Development of 3D machining
for high quality surface fabrication

(1) Sophisticated and high quality guideway structure.

A non-contact and polyhedral constraint static guideway, which is used in the nano machine, is fully employed in each axis. This guideway structure is characterized by a minimum change in the traveling line as the speed changes, as well as a minimum change in accuracy even after the heavy use of the machine over a long period of time.

(2) Linear motor with nano machine quality.

The actuator for driving the longitudinal axis and cross axis incorporates super-precision linear motor technology derived from the nano machine development. High-speed and smooth motion ensure submicron accuracy even for 3D shapes and allow machining with nano-order quality.

(3) Ultra-rigidity and super-precision spindle

The special static spindle C630/840α developed for rotational accuracy and rigidity is employed. In addition, an original ultra-low vibration motor with a vibration value of below 0.1μm is mounted as standard equipment to achieve the highest accuracy and quality.

Feature 02

Accuracy unchanged by environment or operator
The latest technology approach to the ideal machine.

(4) Energy conservation and minimized effect of temperature change

A change in temperature environment is a great enemy to super-precision machining. To solve this problem, a covering and machining system hardly affected by ambient environment under general constant temperature environment have been established. In addition, power consumption is reduced by about 30% compared to the conventional hydrostatic machine.

(5) Design to improve functionality and operability.

The work layout as well as arrangement, shapes and colors of keys on the operation panel have been reviewed and re-designed. SUS is mostly used to keep the appearance over time. A full-cover model for the simple chamber has also been developed.

(6) Layout of dressers to create a difference.

Various types of truers and dressers such as a swing dresser, rotary dresser, etc. for highly accurate wheel forming are optionally available. A layout structure is introduced to allow the layout of different dressers on the same table (patented).

Feature 03

Full utilization of submicron motion characteristics enables on-the-machine 3D measurement and indexing grinding.

(7) Accurate and immediate 3D measurement of machined shape.

By mounting an (optional) accurate touch probe unit, 3D measurement is possible immediately after machining. Functions similar to the latest 3D measurement machines such as verification of the contour by comparing CAD data and measurement result as well as verification by comparison of the free curve are available. Therefore, time-consuming jobs such as dismounting a machined workpiece, measuring and re-machining the workpiece are no longer required.

(8) Improved efficiency in routine jobs and greater details in advanced machining.

The latest interactive software Zero series is mounted. This software has functions for efficient routine jobs such as intuitive setting of the machining range, fingertip screen call, etc., as well as advanced setting functions to maximize the capabilities of the super-precision machine. Machining, using a program created by CAD/CAM software, is simplified.

(9) Superior machine performance to comply with indexing machining and micro machining.

The use of a newly developed super-precision small-size indexing unit (optional) and small-diameter spindle enables accurate indexing machining. Optionally attaching a vertical indexing unit, as requested, also enables indexing machining. The tool holder (optional) and milling unit are also available for super-precision micro shape machining.


■Orthogonal rotary dresser (with water supply function)

Accurate forming of rounded end of one side V shaped grinding wheel

■Horizontal axis rotary dresser (with water supply function)

Super-precision forming of ordinary grinding wheel

■Swing dresser (with water supply function)

Forming of grinding wheel is possible as required by NC swing control

■Double cup truer

Powerful in nano-order mirror surface grinding

■Super-precision small-size indexing unit *

Super-precision indexing with minimum resolution of 0.0001 degrees is possible.
The picture shows a status of machining with super-precision high reciprocating forming grinder SHL-315.
* NOTE: Machining with this unit requires an additional small-diameter spindle.

■Tool holder

Various types of micro machining are possible using a diamond tool.

Series models(For further details, ask for technical information)

Next-generation column-type super-precision forming surface grinder SGC-630/840α (full-cover type) (OP).

Next-generation column-type super-precision forming grinder SGC-630/840α
The simple chamber and full-cover type SGC-630/840α. Specifications other than the cover are the same as the ordinary type. This type is most suitable when the effect of external temperature change needs to be suppressed or splashing of grinding fluid, etc. needs to be prevented.

Column-type super-precision forming surface grinder SGC-630S4-Zero3 (OP)

The simply designed and structured SGC-630. Differences from the “α” type are that the back/forth drive uses a ball screw and various new environmental responsive functions are omitted. Functions used for the “α” type can be installed upon request.

Column-type super-precision forming surface grinder  SGC-3010S4-N (OP)

Super-precision forming surface grinder for workpieces of “3,000 x 1,000mm”.
Large-size workpieces that cannot be handled by SGC-630/840α can be ground by this machine, which accommodates a variety of sizes.
(For details, click here.)


Model/item Chucking size Table movement amount
(in cross
& longitudinal directions)
Table top surface
Spindle center
Min. unit in vertical direction Min. unit in cross direction Grinding wheel size
(OD x W x ID)
  mm mm mm mm mm mm
SGC-630α 600×300 800×350 535(620) 0.0001 0.0001 φ200〜305×25〜38×φ127
SGC-630 600×300 800×350 490 0.0001 0.0001 φ200〜305×25〜38×φ127
SGC-840α 800×400 1000×450 625(710) 0.0001 0.0001 φ200〜305×25〜38×φ127

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