Target machining

Unmatchable accuracy by any other imported or domestic machines. Machining of serration punches, spline gauges, helical gear electrodes and master gears that goes to the next level.

Machining of serration punches
and spline gauges

■ Serration punch machining

Machining of serration punches and spline gauges is possible with a minimum resolution of 1/100,000° and indexing accuracy of ±0.3 sec. when the super-precision indexing unit is mounted.


■ Example of serration punch made by mirror surface grinding

Profile accuracy: ±3μm, Surface roughness: Rz 225nm, Ra 45nm (material: SKH55)
Unconventional accuracy and quality revolutionize the production of drive parts.

■ Helical gear grinding

Indexing in the minimum setting units of 1/10,000° and table rotation (up to ±45°) enable helical gear grinding with accuracy of the new JIS Class 1.

■ Bias correction of helical gear tooth profile is possible.

The bias correction function is provided, which is necessary in tooth tracing of the crowning shape. The pressure angle of tooth profile can be corrected as required at the tooth profile inlet, center and outlet.               

■ Example of helical gear electrode (oxygen-free copper) made by grinding

Helical gear electrode used for cold forging die
Machining up to the module 0.3 is possible.
Machining accuracy: New JIS Class 1, Material: Oxygen-free copper

■ Example of large-diameter helical gear made by grinding

Accurate indexing with high rigidity at the machining point is possible. A helical gear with a size of “φ190×80” can be machined with an accuracy of the new JIS Class 1.

○ Master gear machining

■ Master gear machining

Technology developed in accordance with the Strategic Foundation Technology Improvement Support Operation
Machining of master gears with unprecedented accuracy is possible.


■ Master gear measurement

Manufacture of highly accurate master gears is possible by unconventional machining and evaluation methods. (for details, please consult the Nagase sales and engineering division)


Strikingly high indexing accuracy and mirror surface quality This is the world’s top super-precision gear grinder.

1. Minimum resolution of 0.00001° and indexing accuracy of 0.0003°
Gear grinding with high accuracy of the new JIS Class 1

An ultra-high accuracy indexing panel incorporating a unique hydrostatic bearing structure and a non-backlash structure has been newly developed. This indexing panel ensures excellent follow-up performance to the rotation scale, processing point rigidity is high because of backlash-free structure and highly accurate gear grinding is possible.
When the minimum resolution is 0.00001°, the indexing accuracy is ±0.0003° and repeatability is 0.0001°. Various types of gear grinding with high repeatability of new JIS Class 1 are possible.

2. Helical shape grinding is possible by simultaneous 3-axis/5-axis CNC control.

The table rotation (B axis) is possible up to ±45° in units of 1/10,000º. Simultaneous 3-axis/5-axis CNC control enables ultra-accurate helical gear grinding.

3. Correction of bias caused during crowning of tooth trace shape is possible

The bias correction function has been developed, which is highly demanded in gear machining to change the tooth trace to a 3D shape (crowning shape) with the aim of improving the transmission efficiency and silencing. This function is to correct the pressure angle as required without changing the pressure angle at the tooth profile inlet, center or outlet.

4. Unique machine for ultra-mirror surface quality

The grinding wheel spindle is equipped with a unique hydrostatic guide bearing known for its machining quality to ensure submicron rotational accuracy. Furthermore, the linear axis (X, Y, Z) guideway incorporates an accurate direct acting rolling guide with high NC positioning follow-up performance. Because of the excellent repeatability, machining with excellent quality and accuracy is achieved.

5. User-friendly interactive operation software

Interactive software designed to simplify difficult gear cutting is installed. This software is easily operated even by beginners. Special and advanced gear cutting becomes possible. Cutting up to 0.3 modules is possible.

6. Two kinds of forming dressers for fabrication of free tooth profiles

The dressing program and dressing point positioning are simplified by a double position swivel dresser with a swivel mechanism to align the dressing swivel center in the normal direction. In addition, a rotary dresser for forming in the orthogonal direction to the grinding wheel spindle is installed on the table. These two kinds of forming dressers enable the setting of a free tooth profile.

7. Super-precision grinding fluid temperature control for grinding with high repeatability

In wet-type gear grinding, workpiece deformation caused by grinding heat is minimized to ensure accurate grinding. The grinding fluid is controlled precisely in units of 1/100º for accurate machining with high repeatability.

■ Super-precision indexing unit

While achieving the minimum resolution, high indexing accuracy and repeatability, the unit still has a feature of high rigidity at the machining point. (it can be mounted, when unitized, on another system)

■ Interactive operation software

Interactive software is installed, which has been developed to perform difficult gear machining easily. This software is also compliant with special gear machining.


■ Small-diameter spindle (horizontal type)

This unit is mounted on the grinding wheel head to enable the use of a small-diameter grinding wheel.

■ Small diameter spindle (orthogonal type)

This unit can be mounted on the grinding head to use as the vertical-type small diameter spindle unit.

■ Forming cup dresser

Forming in the orthogonal direction to the grinding wheel spindle is possible.

■ Swivel dresser

This dresser has a swivel mechanism to align the dresser in the normal direction with the dress swivel on the center.


To construct your own machining system, Nagase has the diverse technologies and ideas you require.

○ Super-precision multi profiler NGA-84

Five-axis controlled machine for fabrication of the free curve of the internal tooth and internal diameter of the plate forging/drawing dies.
The internal diameter and internal tooth containing a curved surface of a drawing die conventionally finished by manual work can be mirror-finished by this machine. By mounting a vertical indexing unit with the minimum indexing angle set to 1/100,000º and a super-precision grinding wheel spindle with a rotation angle of 1/10,000º, the affected layer produced after wire electric discharge cutting is removed completely and carbide dies with uniform and accurate shapes are manufactured.

○ Super-precision vertical gear grinder 1000GC

The super-precision vertical gear grinder is compliant with large-diameter workpieces within φ300 through φ1000.
Simultaneous 4-axis/5-axis CNC control enables helical gear machining and various crowning bias corrections. This machine is equipped with an originally developed indexing unit with a minimum indexing resolution of 1/10,000º (indexing accuracy±0.3 sec.). By employing a non-backlash mechanism and hydrostatic bearing structure, high machining point rigidity and accurate machining are achieved, and unconventionally high efficiency is achieved as well.

○ Super-precision small-size indexing unit SPI-01

The super-precision small-size indexing unit has been developed for machining of small-size/small-diameter serration punches and spline gauges. The indexing accuracy is within ±3 seconds to the minimum resolution of 1/10,000º. When mounted on Nagase super-precision forming grinders and micro processing machines, not only gear machining but also various other kinds of machining are possible (for details, click here).

○ Vertical rotary indexing unit

This rotary indexing unit enables ultra-accurate indexing and rotation. The minimum indexing angle suggested is 1/100,000º. There are a vertical type and a horizontal type, both of which can be mounted on different types of Nagase super-precision machines (Nagase has manufactured the units for the range of φ300 through 2700). We will make recommendations about detailed specifications and accuracies according to customer’s required machining. (for details, please click here.)


Model/item Size Table movement amount Vertical axis stroke Vertical/cross/longitudinal
Min. unit
Min. indexing unit Table rotation angle Max. gear machining diameter
  mm mm mm mm °(degree) °(degree) mm
SUG 300 820×120 250 0.0001 0.0001 ±45° φ300
1000GC 1500×800 430 0.0001 0.0001 ±30°
(Swivel head)
Model/item Size Chucking size Table movement amount
(in cross and longitudinal directions)
Table top surface
Spindle center
Min. unit in vertical direction Min. unit in cross direction Grinding wheel size
(OD x W x ID)
Grinding wheel spindle
  mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kW
NGA-84 84 630 0.00001 0.00001 φ100×6×φ30 1.5

■ Contents and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. The contents of description and pictures may contain optional items. To place an order, check the manufacture specifications for detailed contents.

■ Actual machine accuracy and machining accuracy described on this site may differ depending on the measurement and machining conditions.

■ For further details, you may request specifications, technical information, etc.

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■ This product must not be transferred for any purposes of use that prevents international peace and security, or used for one’s own purpose or by any third party.


For further information, please contact us. We will make a proposal according to your requests.

Customers who are thinking of introducing new facilities are welcome to ask us for test machining or to visit our factory. Please feel free to consult us. Inform us of your facility conditions, size and material of machining workpieces, machining time, etc., in details.
Sales personnel in your district will make a proposal designed to meet your requirements.

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