Machining examples

Superior accuracy for machining of long and large workpieces.

■ Reference surface of the machine tool bed and industrial machinery main body

The reference surface of such machines can be finished only by grinding. (Straightness: 0.86μm/2000mm)

■ Precision surface plate

Machining of even ultra-large flat surface with accuracy below the JIS Class 0
(Flatness of stone surface plate of “3000 x 2000mm”: 5μm)

■ Large die parts and machine parts (bolsters, etc.)

Submicron flatness even for meter-size workpiece (0.83μm/1400×860mm)

■ Long-size die parts, precision jigs and gauges

Use of universal head to finish a pentahedron by grinding enables innovative production.



1. Double column grinder to achieve maximum accuracy

Super-precision double column grinder combined with Nagase original component grinding unit to achieve maximum accuracy.
Machine motion characteristics of securely transferring an NC command value of 1μm to the workpiece are achieved (min. infeed setting unit: 0.1μm).

2. Accurate machining for long periods of time

The non-contact and polyhedral constraint static guideway structure maintains accuracy for a long period of time without causing wear on the guideway. It also restricts twisting and distortion to provide the optimum structure for accurate machining of heavy workpieces.

3. Machining of single or double crowning, horizontal crowning and on-the-machine measurement

By combining the hydrostatic guide and super-precision linear motor drive technologies, the single or multi-crowning shape can be machined not only in the vertical direction but also in the horizontal direction. In addition, accurate on-the-machine measurement is possible by touch panel thanks to high positioning accuracy (optional).

4. Machine design based on the minute structure analysis

Compared with conventional models of the same class, superior rigidity is achieved. The machine has also been designed to withstand long hours of machining and changes in the ambient temperature environment.

5. Accurate pentahedron machining with universal head

In addition to surface grinding and grooving of large-size workpieces, highly accurate square surface grinding, inclined surface grinding, rear surface cutting/grinding and stepped surface grinding are possible. This accurate function has been widely utilized due to its capacity for innovative processes and improved quality in machining a variety of large workpieces.

6. From cutting through finishing and on-the-machine measurement

By mounting an automatic tool changer (ATC), preliminary machining using cutting tools such as fullback cutters and end mills through finish machining using different grinding wheels and on-the-machine measurement can be done automatically with a single one-chucking operation.

7. Construction of large-size super-precision machines incorporating a rotary table, automatic pallet changer, etc. not seen elsewhere

Development of an ultra-large rotary table of φ2700 (rotation accuracy: 0.2μm in axial direction, 0.5μm in radial direction), rotary grinding and ID grinding of large-diameter workpieces are possible with unprecedented accuracy. The high-precision automatic pallet changer also allows automatic machining, even during the night. In addition, various units and devices for improving productivity in large-workpiece machining have been developed.

■ Vertical infeed command value (1μm) follow-up accuracy and its verification workpiece

Accuracy of ±0.2μm to 1μm-vertical infeed command value

■ Non-contact hydrostatic guide structure

The non-contact and polyhedral constraint hydrostatic guide for operating a 30-ton table with only one finger (oil friction coefficient: 10-1)

■ Crowing verification accuracy (simultaneous 2-axis controlled machining)

(1) Shape error of 1.82μm for workpiece with convex (5mm/2m)
(2) Shape error of 2.03μm for workpiece with concave (5mm/2m)
* Finish machining is possible by automatically changing the grinding wheel, cutter, end mill, etc.

■ Machining by universal head

Rough machining through finish machining of each section is possible by automatically changing the grinding wheel, fullback cutter, end mill, etc. Machining of required sections, using the linear motor drive, is possible. Grinding of stepped workpieces is done precisely and automatically by clearing the stepped surface.


■ on-the-machine measurement unit

By mounting an accuracy touch probe and electric micrometer, various kinds of on-the-machine measurement become possible.

■ Universal head

Grinding of pentahedron workpieces is possible. Various kinds of other machining are also possible by mounting different tools.

■ Machining by cutting tool unit

By mounting a fullback cutter, end mill, etc., accurate preliminary machining is possible.

■ Automatic grinding wheel changer

A variety of grinding wheels can be automatically changed depending on the finishing status and shape.

■ Large-size rotary table

Use of the large-size rotary table (φ2700) enables grinding of the top and inner surfaces.

■ Automatic pallet changer

The automatic pallet changer enables automatic machining during the night.


■ORIGIN-12025: Machining area 12m × 2.5m

■ORIGIN-10025: Machining area 10m × 2.5m

■ORIGIN-5025: Machining area 5m × 2.5m

■ORIGIN-4025: Machining area 4m × 2.5m


Model/item Size Table work area Vertical axis stroke Max. loadable weight Vertical/cross
/longitudinal min. unit
Grinding wheel size
(OD x W x ID)
    mm mm ton mm mm
ORIGIN 2015 2000×1500 650 3 0.0001 φ510×100×φ203.2
4025 4000×2500 1970 10 0.0001 φ610×100×φ304.8
5025 5000×2500 1800 7 0.00001 φ760×150×φ304.8
6026 6000×2600 1970 10 0.00001 φ610×100×φ304.8
8020 8000×2000 1800 20 0.00001 φ610×100×φ304.8
10025 10000×2500 1800 30 0.00001 φ610×100×φ304.8
10030 10000×3000 1800 30 0.00001 φ610×100×φ304.8
12025 12000×2500 1800 20 0.00001 φ610×100×φ304.8

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