Machining example

Large-part machining and multi-parts machining are also Nagase’s specialty. This machine will surely increase your working efficiency.

■ Precision surface grinding of large-size discs

Machining of ultra-large size discs up to φ1,800mm is possible.

■ Multi-parts simultaneous surface grinding

Multi-parts grinding is possible in the same process to allow mass production of accurate parts.

■ Lapping-free mirror surface machining

Lapping-free ultra-mirror surface machining of not only the top surface but also the external and internal surfaces is possible.

■ Rotary cutting with cutting tool

Super-precision cutting of roll forming dies is possible by replacing the grinding wheel with a cutting tool.


Grinding workpieces maximum Φ1800 is possible. This rotary grinder is most suitable for both mirror surface grinding and high efficiency machining.

1. Hydrostatic rotary table for accurate and efficient surface machining

The rotary table guideway employs a Nagase original hydrostatic mechanism to restrict table top surface deflection to the submicron during table rotation. In addition, the height of the table travel line does not change even when the table rotation speed changes so that high flatness is achieved.

2. Higher grade machining quality by grinding wheel spindle incorporating an ultra-low vibration motor

The Nagase original ultra-low vibration motor (rotational vibration below 0.05μm) is employed in the grinding wheel spindle as a drive motor. This motor excels in high rotation accuracy (optional) and vibration damping for either a hydrostatic or dynamic table, thus enabling higher grade mirror surface grinding.

3. Finishing of workpiece ID and OD is possible.

Not only surface parallel grinding but also ID/OD grinding is possible by using a vertical head. By replacing the grinding wheel with a cutting tool, cutting of the workpiece inside and outside is also possible.

4. Dresser to ease cutting of hard-to-cut materials

Incorporating both the single stone dressing and double-cup truer enables efficient grinding of hard-to-cut materials such as carbide and ceramics.

5. Micro infeed operation is also possible.

The NC unit is compliant to chase grinding at the machining surface reference so that effective grinding of hard-to-cut materials and ultra-hard steel materials is possible using a soft grinding wheel. Software for step grinding, etc. also enables grinding with less altered layer of the machined workpiece.


■ Dresser

Automatic dressing is possible by attaching a single stone dresser or double cup truer.

■ on-the-machine measurement unit

Automatic measurement of workpiece height is possible. Chase machining does not require troublesome setup changes.

■ Internal/external grinding with vertical head

By attaching a vertical grinding head, grinding of both the inside and outside of round workpieces becomes possible.

■ Super-precision machining with cutting tool

By using a tool holder, super-precision cutting becomes possible.


■ RG-500SLD2-N2: For table area of Φ500mm

■ RG-2000S4-N: For table area of Φ1.8m


Model/item Size Chucking size Table movement amount Table top surface
Spindle center
Table feed min. unit Min. unit in vertical direction Grinding wheel size
(OD x W x ID)
    mm mm mm mm mm mm
RG 500 Φ500 300 675 0.0001 0.0001 Φ200〜355×25〜38×Φ127
600 Φ600 497 538 0.0001 0.0001 Φ200〜355×25〜38×Φ127
700 Φ600 497 538 0.0001 0.0001 Φ200〜355×25〜38×Φ127
800 Φ800 497 538 0.0001 0.0001 Φ200〜355×25〜38×Φ127
2000 Φ1800 1400 890 0.0001 0.0001 Φ680×10×Φ127

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