Machining example

Micro-grooving, contouring, form fabrication and surface grinding See a difference in recognizable quality and accuracy

■ Micro-grooving

Super-precision plunge cutting is possible for extreme micro-grooves.

■ Machining of sealing molds for semi-conductors

Groove pitch machining is possible and the surface up to the bottom can be mirror-finished.

■ Contouring mirror surface grinding

Complicated shapes, including a groove, can be efficiently machined by contouring

■ Mirror surface forming

Mirror surface grinding, with a higher number grinding wheel, is possible by utilizing the 0.1μm-infeed characteristics of the vertical axis.


Easy grinding wheel forming for flexible profile machining A multi-forming grinder, embodied know-how of the die manufacturers.

1. High-accuracy forming to respond to a wide variety of work shapes

Grooving, contouring and form fabrication required for forming die parts
The grinding wheel shape is maintained constant by automatic dressing to achieve accurate machining in both shape and surface roughness (contouring and form fabrication by controlled by Zero-series control software). The hydrostatic spindle can be optionally mounted.

2. Accurate 0.1μm-infeed by high-rigidity monocock body and column

The main body column has a large width on the front/rear sides and ribs are arranged properly for enhanced rigidity. The vertical axis is equipped with a rigid direct acting rolling guide to accommodate not only an ordinary grinding wheel but also high a high-number CBN and a diamond grinding wheel, achieving an accurate 0.1μm-infeed. A fully closed system by scale-feedback can be mounted optionally on the vertical axis and cross axis for accurate pitch grinding.

3. Enhanced straightness of cross axis and longitudinal axis

The scraping surface, finished by skilled workman spending time and effort, and unique sliding surface design achieve unprecedented straightness accuracy with restricting a change in travelling line during longitudinal-table movement and no change in posture caused by the load. The saddle incorporates a Nagase original, ultra-wide and ultra-low friction V&V structure, which achieves the most appropriate motion characteristics for accurate shape fabrication.

4. Efficient mirror-surface grinding is possible by high-speed longitudinal table reverse rotation.

In addition to the standard type (max. longitudinal feed speed: 25m/min), the SGE-520Zero3 for high speed feed (max. 40m/min) is also available for more efficient machining. The unique parts configuration enables smooth reverse rotation of the longitudinal table. This reduces damage to the grinding surface and grinding wheel due to reverse shock and leads to high-quality and high-accuracy machining results.

5. Varied types of control systems suited to customer

A control system most suited to customer’s purpose can be mounted.

Zero control:
Interactive control software to allow simple setting for ordinary surface grinding and forming grinding through advanced grinding condition setting
By combining with optional functions, compound shape grinding and multi parts grinding are also possible. Using the CAD/CAM system “CAP-4” also makes it easy to handle complicated grinding wheel shapes and contouring shapes.

E2 control:
Software to execute automatic dressing and automatic machining for surface grinding and deep groove grinding
It also simplifies teaching operation. Conditions can be changed during grinding and usability of a general-purpose machine is taken over to achieve accurate machining.

■ Longitudinal table reverse rotation at 40m/min

Reduced machining time and improved efficiency machining
* Some models are not applicable.

■ Carefully scraped surface

■ Example of operation screen under Zero control

■ Example of machining by NC control usable for SGE-515 & 520

E2 series control:
Surface grinding, deep-grooving, pitch grinding, plural grinding
Zero series control:
Surface grinding, deep-grooving, pitch grinding, plural grinding, grinding wheel forming, contouring, compound shape grinding, etc.


■ New Balance Vector NB-3012

Accurate grinding is easily achieved through the display of vibration caused by wheel rotation.

■ Ultra-low vibration motor

Vibration of the grinding wheel spindle is minimized to realize high rotation accuracy.

■ Hydrostatic spindle

The submicron rotation accuracy and rigid structure enable efficient and accurate machining.

■ CAD/CAM software CAP-4

Creation of machining programs and data transfer are easily done.


Model/item Size Chucking size Table movement amount
(in longitudinal and cross directions)
Table top surface
Spindle center
Min. unit in vertical direction Min. unit in cross direction Grinding wheel size
(OD x W x ID)
Grinding wheel spindle Machine weight
    mm mm mm mm mm mm kW ton
SGE 515 500×150 580×170 370 0.0001 0.0001 φ180〜255×8〜19×φ31.75 1.5
520 500×200 580×230 470 0.0001 0.0001 φ180〜255×8〜19×φ50.8 2.2
520Zero3 500×200 650×230 470 0.0001 0.0001 φ180〜255×8〜19×φ50.8 2.2

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