Machining examples

Machining rate that exceeds conventional grinding methods and surface roughness that eliminates the lapping process for minimizing SSD.

■ Ultra-high efficiency thinning of 4 – 6-inch monocrystal SiC wafers

6-inch monocryistal SiC wafers are thinned from 600μm to 100μm.
Thinning of wafers to Ra1nm or less takes only about 10 minutes. Two or more 4-inch wafers can be processed simultaneously.

■ Ultra-flattening of 4-inch monocrystal SiC wafers

Fabrication of ultra-flat surface up to the edge is possible. This was not possible with the conventional lapping method used in the wafer process.

■ Ultra-mirror surface finishing of 4-inch monocrystal SiC wafers

Processing with an accuracy of Ra0.6nm and Rz5.1nm equivalent to lapping is possible.
Using an ultra-high number grinding wheel also minimizes tool wear.

■ Ultra-mirror surface finishing of 4-inch monocrystal SiC wafers

Minimized machining strained layer to the highest level, which was not possible with the conventional fixed abrasion grain method.
The CMP process in wafer making is dramatically reduced.

■ Efficient processing of 4-inch sapphire wafers

Efficient and accurate thinning of sapphire used for lighting devices
Flattening is also Nagase’s specialty.

■ Low thermal expansion glass

Efficient and accurate processing of glass used for optical products or wafer support boards
Flatness of less than 1μm is easily achieved.

■ Ultra-high efficiency grinding of ceramic and glass materials

Hard brittle materials, such as ceramics used as radiator plates and support boards, can be processed with superb accuracy and efficiency.

■ Ultra-efficient flattening of pure nickel and copper plates

Soft and viscous materials such as pure nickel and copper plate used for MEMS can be easily processed with accuracy and efficiency.


Completely new grinding of hard-to-grind wafers

1. Far superior to the conventional machining method in terms of machining efficiency, quality, minimal SSD and tool life

Epoch-making grinding method for hard-to-cut materials developed from a joint study at Tohoku University
The combination of originally developed Intelligent Wheel (patented) and motion copying & pressure copying compound control technology achieves unprecedented machining efficiency, quality and tool life, as well as minimal SSD.

2. Optimum machining status constantly realized by the motion copying & pressure copying compound control technology (patent pending)

This technology has been developed to minimize damage to workpieces. Pressure applied to the workpiece and grinding wheel is constantly communicated to NC-control the infeed pressure and amount compositely, thus achieving grinding under optimum conditions at all times.

3. Enabling the fabrication of ultra-mirror surfaces and ultra-flat surfaces
Ultimate rotating and positioning technology (patented)

The grinding wheel and the work spindle bearings employ a non-contact and polyhedral constraint static guideway. In addition, double hydrostatic bearings have been developed and incorporated into the work spindle to achieve motion copying & pressure copying compound control grinding (patented). High vibration damping performance, super-precision rotation with no surface fluctuation, and accurate vertical axis positioning are all combined to enable the fabrication of unconventional ultra-mirror surfaces and flat surfaces.

4. Ultra-high rigid structure with no inclination of the machining surface

The rigid bed and unique gantry frame structure minimize infeed by individual axis and inclination of the machining surface.

5. Enabling wafer thickness measurement and automatic machining
Capabilities compliant with automatic machining and clean room.

By optionally measuring the workpiece thickness with an accuracy of ±1μm, automatic machining is possible. In addition, compliance with automatic workpiece supply and the clean room is also available (for detailed specifications, please consult Nagase head office sales personnel).

■ Completely new machining method developed for hard-to-cut materials

The combination of an originally developed Intelligent Wheel and motion copying & pressure copying compound control technology allows unprecedented high machining efficiency, quality and long tool life.

■ Motion copying & pressure copying compound control

Pressure applied to the workpiece and the grinding wheel is detected in real time for compound control of infeed pressure and amount by NC


Flexible customization as requested

■ Precision vacuum chucking

A precision chucking method can be suggested suited to wafer vacuuming, BG tape, and waxed surface plate as requested by the Customer.

■ Automatic workpiece thickness measurement

Measurement unit for measuring workpiece thickness with accuracy of ±1μm to comply with fully automatic machining

■ Automatic workpiece supply unit

A material handling unit can be installed for handling materials with an appropriate size & quantity and by a carrying method as requested by the Customer.

■ Pure water and clean room compliant

A system compliant with pure water and clean room can be recommended as requested by the Customer.

Series models

■ Super-precision grinder (motion copying & pressure copying compound control machine)
NSF-350 (optional)

Various types of wafers of maximum 6 inches can be handled.
This model is most suited for line operation for machining SiC, GaN, sapphire, LT, etc.

■ Super-precision grinder (motion copying & pressure copying compound control machine)
NSF-600 (optional)

Various types of wafers (4 inches x 3 or 3 inches x 7) can be machined simultaneously.
This model has a long track record of machining SiC, GaN, sapphire and LT.

■Super-precision grinder (motion copying & pressure copying compound control machine)
NSF-800 (optional)

Simultaneous machining of 3 wafers (6 inches) or 7 wafers (4 inches) is possible.
This model is compliant with machining of large-diameter ceramic or glass materials.
Automatic workpiece change is also possible.


Model/item Max. work diameter Vertical axis stroke Fluctuation axis stroke Work spindle min. unit Work spindle rotation speed Grinding wheel spindle rotation speed Grinding wheel size
(OD x W x ID)
  mm mm mm mm min-1 min-1 mm
NSF-350 φ150 150 0.0001 70〜900 0〜600 φ350×30
NSF-600 φ300 150 100 0.0001 70〜600 0〜600 φ600×30
NSF-800 φ380 約180 0.0001 (70)〜450 0〜450 φ800×40

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■ Actual machine accuracy and machining accuracy described on this site may differ depending on the measurement and machining conditions.

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For further information, please contact us. We will make a proposal according to your requests.

Customers who are thinking of introducing new facilities are welcome to ask us for test machining or to visit our factory. Please feel free to consult us. Inform us of your facility conditions, size and material of machining workpieces, machining time, etc., in details.
Sales personnel in your district will make a proposal designed to meet your requirements.

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