Consultation for development of new machine tools

Customization is our strength. Wisdom, innovation and practice of the “Five Actuals”.
Our history and pride have always been manufacturing.

For any machining questions or inquiries, consult Nagase. The strength of developing and proposing a machine which surpasses customer’s expectation is Nagase’s advantage. Nagase will exercise wisdom and innovate. Nagase’s history illustrates that it has been facing a challenge to the realization of a seemingly reckless technology in cooperation with academic and research institutes. On the other hand, Nagase sticks to basic policies including “actual place”, “actual thing”, “actual fact”, “rule” and “principle”, and is engaged in the proposal and development with scrupulous care.

Core technology

Unlimited challenge for “zero error” realized by integrated core technologies Unique solutions are born at Nagase. Nagase believes that machining accuracy is the result of relative motions of the tool and the workpiece, and strives to construct a machining system which reduces this error to zero. Based on the ten important factors in super-precision machining, Nagase aims at research, development and establishment of each element technology. Nagase super-precision machines are the outcome of the integration of each element of technology.
Behind this unconventional breakthrough are a large number of element technologies that are held only by Nagase.

●Some examples of element technologies developed by Nagase

1. Non-contact multifaceted-constraint hydrostatic guideway technology
Super-precision linear motor technology
Synchronous operation control technology
Rotating and indexing technology

You can move a 30-ton table only by a finger tip without causing deflection or table uplift because there is extremely less friction.

Ultimate non-contact drive technology to realize smooth operation and accurate positioning with no cogging or fluctuation

Synchronization accuracy from submicrons to nanos is achieved in contouring by synchronizing two axes through simultaneous six axes control machining in nanometer control.

Super-precision rotary table with no deviation in rotation although it is large.
The unique indexing method achieves an indexing accuracy of 2/10000 deg.

A variety of accurate on-the-machine measurement technologies
Ultra-low vibration and high-speed motion technology
Energy saving and temperature control technology
Construction of new machining process

Hydrostatic guideway, linear motor drive, the motion performance with submicron accuracy defy the common wisdom of large-size, super-precision machining.

Vibration is minimized in spite of ultra-high speed motion.
Both super-precision grinders and nano processing machines are designed to prevent the influence of vibration.

Accurate control of oil and coolant and engineering development with reduced electric power and environmental impact.

Ongoing innovation and creation of technologies beyond mirror and surface grinding


Precision and Accuracy for a reason.

“Isn’t that much accuracy necessary?” and “Do we need to focus so much on accuracy?” are common questions from Nagase customers. We have been developing, improving and manufacturing products, while self-questioning in every field if our products can demonstrate high-performance machining results. In many fields, however, Nagase super-precision grinders and micro-processing machines are recognized as global niche top brands. Improved manufacturing process can have dramatic effects on overall production. We will advise based upon out experience. Please inquire to learn how we can help you.

○An example made possible
 by Nagase super-precision machines

  • Enhanced service life of motor core/lead frame
  • Enhanced service life of plastic mold
  • Enhanced accuracy and efficiency of ultra-large die plate machining
  • Enhanced accuracy of dies for pressing cut parts
  • Eliminated burrs on the rubber/plastic dies
  • Enhanced quality of plastic lens dies (improved yield)
  • Enhanced accuracy in lapping-free surface grinding of super-precision dies (T dies, etc.)
  • Accurate indexing mirror surface grinding of masters gears and helical electrodes
  • Accurate micro processing on the free form surface
  • Accurate micro processing on the medium through large surfaces
  • Reduction of lapping process for glass ceramics
  • Efficient thinning of wide-gap semiconductors (SiC, GaN)
  • Highly efficient chipping of wide-gap semiconductors (SiC, GaN)
  • Lapping-free mirror finishing of compound semiconductors
  • Accurate cutting of hard brittle materials such as reinforced glass

Flow to introduction

Nagase and customers as a team find the best
way to maximize machine capability.
In order to offer the value of “advanced machining solutions”,
consult Nagase for any concerns regarding temperature environment, vibration measures, measurement, etc. in your plant.

Offering not only machines but also machining solutions
This is our stance for sales as a developer and manufacturer of super-precision grinders and micro processing machines. That is, we think that the machining environment needs to be arranged in order to realize the accuracy and efficiency expected by customers. Consult Nagase from the stage of facility review, specification decision and test-cut. We will make a proposal based on our experience to optimize your facility..

・Flow to the introduction (Click to enlarge.)

・Example of measures in introduction of various machines (Click to enlarge)


Let us understand your request in details first. Our sales and engineering team will be in touch with you.

Consultations for equipment introduction are free of charge. If you are thinking about introducing equipment, request of test-cut and a factory visit are always welcome. Contact Nagase first and provide us with detailed information about workpiece size, material, machining time, etc. Our specialist will make a proposal especially for you.


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