Award and evaluation

Awarded the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Award of the 43rd Machine Design Award

<What is the Machine Design Award?>

The Machine Design Award was established in 1970 by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (Business & Technology Daily News) under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and in cooperation with the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and other industrial associations for the purpose of promoting and developing the design of Japanese industrial products. As its name suggests, mainly production goods that are epoch-making and symbolic of each era have been traditionally evaluated and selected. Nagase’s SHSD--80α was awarded the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Award of the 43rd Machine Design Award, which is granted to medium-sized small businesses for their tremendous efforts in product development concept, and design.

<Grading points>

Nagase started the “design reformation” of products in 2010 for the JIMTOF 2010, where Nagase participated under the concept of “imagination and design capacities”. Two years later, we unveiled a super-precision machine with totally renewed design, performance and functions at the JIMTOF 2012.
The Machine Design Award selection is based on the actual products, giving consideration to:
(1) Planning ability & sociality, (2) Functions & quality, (3) Operability & safety, (4) Molding design
The Nagase product was evaluated in terms not only of its purpose and capability but also its efficiency, functionality, operability and design.

<Comment from the product development team>

The development of this product was triggered by customers’ voices. We deeply appreciate our customers’ loyal patronage and valuable advice over the past 25 years. On this occasion, we would like as many customers as possible to experience this super-precision high reciprocating forming grinder, SHSD-80α, newly developed on the concept of “zero clearance, zero loss time and zero stress”.
Nagase will never get tired of manufacturing products that thrill customers in various areas. “Development of customer-oriented products” is Nagase’s strength and fundamental principle. You can always count on new super-precision machines to be developed and manufactured by Nagase (from the SHSD-80α development team).

Machining target

Genuine shape accuracy and mirror surface quality that can be achieved only by high reciprocating grinding The difference is clear if you see the machined workpieces.
There are reasons for machining experts to select Nagase.

● Major machining examples

Carbide punch contouring
Carbide split die contouring
50μm-connector micro grooving
Micro pitch machining of tie bar cut and punch

● Carbide punch contouring

Ultra straight shape accuracy and mirror surface quality that cannot be otherwise achieved.
Manufacture of carbide punches with a sharp edge is possible.

● Carbide split die contouring

Shape accuracy in carbide split die contouring is below ±0.5μm. Machining of the same shape when viewed from both end planes is possible.

● 50μm-connector micro grooving

Thermal effect on micro infeed is minimized so that the machine is usable for manufacturing connector mold nesting with ultra-micro pitch.

● Micro pitch machining of tie bar cut and punch

Machining with ultra-uniform pitch and groove width is possible in the manufacture of tie bar cuts and punches. The accumulative pitch accuracy is 0.8μm.

Feature 01Product feature 1. Ultra-high speed high reciprocating grinding

The world’s most efficient form grinding. High reciprocating grinding that has highly evolved to achieve accuracy,
quality and efficiency not achievable by other methods.

(1) Excellent straightness and synchronous motion characteristics

Contouring is possible with 2-axis simultaneous control, using the NC command value of 0.1μm. Sharp shape fabrication is possible exactly in the same way on both sides with the straight motion accuracy of almost zero

(2) Double the machining efficiency over the conventional model

Conventional reverse rotation speed of 1,000/min is improved to maximum 2,000/min (at the stroke of 20mm). Although the machining efficiency is improved to a level double of the conventional, machine characteristics such as ultra-low vibration, enable ultra-mirror surface fabrication.

(3) Accuracy that remains the same over a decade

The longitudinal table guide incorporates a Nagase original non-contact and polyhedral constraint static guideway which eliminates wear or heat generation and maintains high accuracy under tough working environments.

Feature 02Product feature 2. Ultra-high accuracy work change

Time-consuming setup work is eliminated. To aim at submicron shape accuracy, submicron setting is required.
Tasks which were difficult to do by hand are now systemized to dramatically reduce the setup time.

(4) Mounting, replacing and reversing ultra-accurate workpiece

By using the robot loader, originally designed ultra-light vise pallet and super-precision system jig with repeatability of ±25µn, super-precision machining can be automated. A maximum of 20 workpieces can be automatically machined.

(5) Innovative on-the-machine grinding wheel forming unit

A truer and dresser is installed separately from the machining table to ensure accurate machining accuracy. A high-accuracy rotary dresser for ultra-micro R forming is optionally mounted and separately driven to allow unconventional machining.

(6) Super easy square machining of the work side plane

The wheel head can be manually inclined up to ±5° in units of 0.05°. This is effective for improving accuracy in contouring grinding.

Feature 03Product feature 3. Designed for better workability and operability

Workability and operability redesigned from the standpoint of human engineering. Our target is a design suitable for beginners to professionals alike.

(7) Most comfortable to use for both beginners and professionals

A sterically designed horizontal handling panel is introduced to the machine front side to enhance the user-friendliness of general-purpose machines and NC-controlled machines.
The work layout, operation panel, etc. are ergonomically reviewed from all angles to ensure the design is comfortable for both beginners and professionals.

(8) Corrosion-free SUS cover with high durability

The SUS cover prevents corrosion due to water-soluble grinding fluid and the carbide tool is usable for a long period of time with little change. By using this material, the unique Nagase covering has been designed from scratch.

(9) Tolerant of temperature changes inside and outside

Temperature change is a great enemy to precision machining. This machine incorporates a mechanism of thoroughly restricting the effect of temperature change where required, thus is insusceptible to the effect of temperature change inside and outside. It is also designed to be environmentally-conscious and electrically-conscious.


■ Small orthogonal rotary dresser

Super-precision forming of the grinding wheel up to R0.02 is possible.

■ Swing dresser

Super-precision forming of general grinding wheels, etc. is possible.

■ Tilting head

The grinding wheel can be tilted up to ±5°.

■ CAD/CAM software CAP-4

Creation of machining programs and transfer of data are easily completed.

Variation Other models in the same series (For details, ask for information.)

Super-precision high reciprocating forming grinder SHSD-80AL2S-PCnc

This super-precision high reciprocating forming grinder, targeted at a shape accuracy of 1μm or less, forms workpieces at 1,000 reverse rotations/min. It is most suited for machining of super-precision die parts such as motors, semi-conductor lead frames and jigs (a drive system is used for each dresser axis).

Super-precision high reciprocating forming grinder SHS-80AL2S-PCnc

A simple super-precision high-reciprocating machine, which accommodates a truer/dresser when required
Machining aimed at submicron accuracy is possible at a speed of 1,000 reverse rotations/min. This is a standard model for super-precision high reciprocating grinding with an excellent production record.

Precision high reciprocating forming grinder SHS-15αBL2S-N

Precision high-reciprocating forming grinder equipped with a table of 150 x 100mm for punch machining, jig manufacturing and machine parts machining
The machine is designed to accept flexible combinations to meet optimum specifications for required machining.


Model/item Chucking size Stroke
(in longitudinal x cross directions)
Table top surface
Spindle center
Min. unit in cross direction Min. unit in vertical direction Grinding wheel spindle rotation Grinding wheel size
(OD x W x ID)
  mm mm mm mm mm °(degree) mm
SHSD-80α 80×100 90×155 370 0.0001 0.0001 ±5° φ100〜160×0.1〜10×φ40
SHSD-80 150×100 90×155 370 0.0001 0.0001 ±5° φ100〜160×0.1〜10×φ40
SHS-80 80×100 80×100 370 0.0001 0.0001 ±5° φ100〜160×0.1〜10×φ40
SHS-15 150×100 100×150 162 0.0001 0.0001 なし φ100〜180×0.1〜10×φ40

■ Contents and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. The contents of description and pictures may contain optional specifications. To place an order, please check the manufacture specifications for details.

■ Machine accuracy and machining accuracy described on this site may differ depending on the measurement and machining conditions.

■ For further details, you may request specifications, technical information, etc.

■ For resale or export of the product, contact us in advance. Exporting products require designated procedures as determined by the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law.

■ This product must not be transferred for any purposes of use that prevents international peace and security or used for one’s own purpose or used by a third party.


For further information, please contact us. We will make a proposal according to your requests.

Customers who are thinking of introducing new facilities are welcome to ask us for test machining or visit our factory. Please feel free to consult us. Please inform us of facility conditions, size and material of machining workpieces, machining time, etc. in detail.
Depending on the contents of your request, sales personnel in your district will make a proposal to meet your requirements.

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