Machining sample

Example of super-precision forming surface grinding

Nagase super-precision forming surface grinder is seeking to achieve the world’s highest level of flatness, parallelism, squareness and surface roughness.
Let us introduce some examples of mirror grinding, surface fabrication, straight machining and form fabrication (*) of various die parts, precision jigs and gauges. Some of them are made with a precision saddle-type grinder and a general-purpose grinder.
(*) For examples of forming and form fabrication of small parts, refer to related sections.

Mirror finishing Surface fabrication Straight grinding Profiling

Example of super-precision high reciprocating form grinding

Let us introduce examples of contouring, wheel form grinding, microgroove grinding of punches, nests and other small die parts, and turbine blade machining, using high reciprocating forming grinder that achieves submicron profile accuracy and nano-order surface roughness. (*)

(*) Some examples of machining use a super-precision and accuracy general-purpose surface forming grinder.

Contouring Wheel form grinding Microgrooving Serration

Example of super-precision grinding of inconel

High reciprocating grinding achieves high accuracy and efficiency in machining of hard-to-grind materials such as inconel.
Let us introduce examples of wheel form grinding using a single head and double heads.

Grinding of inconel

Example of super-precision rotary and gear grinding

Let us introduce examples of rotary grinding of various machines units and die parts, using a super-precision rotary grinder with unmatched rotation accuracy and suited to various sizes, as well as examples of indexing grinding, using a super-precision gear grinder which also can grind master gears, spline gauges, and serration punches.

Rotary surface grinding Index grinding Helical gear grinding Drawing die internal tooth grinding

Example of large and long workpiece grinding by double column type multifunction grinder

Let us introduce examples of machining large and long parts, such as machine tools and semiconductor units, using an super-precision double column type multifunction grinder suited to a maximum of machining dimensions of “10m x 3m” (*).
(*) For the cross length, we have developed a machine for 12m-size workpieces.

Straight grinding of large workpieces Surface grinding of large workpieces Form fabrication of large workpieces Cutting of large workpieces

Example of ultra-precision nano machining and lens grinding

Let us introduce examples of micro machining (shaper machining, milling, smart beam machining) of dies for various optical parts and optical films and machining lenses made of glass or ceramic materials, using nano machines with high repeatability and absolute motion accuracy through nano-meter NC command values from small through large areas.

Micro machining
(free form surface)
Micro machining
Micro machining
Lens grinding

Examples of grinding, lapping and scribing of compound semiconductors

Let us introduce examples of thinning & flattening grinding, lapping and scribing & slicing of SiC and GaN used for next-generation semiconductor wafers, as well as sapphire, lithium tantalite and lithium niobate used for optical semiconductors and various filters.

Thinning & flattening grinding Lapping Scribing Slicing

Examples of various on-the-machine measuring units

Let us introduce various types of measuring units such as the grinding wheel dynamic balance measurement and the auto correction unit, high accuracy 3D on-the-machine measurement system, CCD camera image measurement unit and straightness measurement unit, originally developed by Nagase.

Dynamic balance measurement/correction On-the-machine
probe measurement
CCD measurement
straightness measurement

Technical center

Check the machining result and realize
the difference of our super-precision machine can make.
Nagase’s latest super-precision grinder, micro processing machine
and large-size machine are available for you to try at any time.

○Technical center

A large number of machines, including a newly developed super-precision grinder, one-nano processing machine and other large-size machines, are on permanent exhibit in the technical center in order to be used for research & development of optimum machining technology and building technology suited to the machining issues presented in and out of the company.

Test grinding

The technical center accepts test machining, when required, for customers who are interested in selecting and introducing new equipment.
Inform us of your required machine model, size, shape and material of workpieces to test, target accuracy, target machining rate, etc. in detail. Test grinding will basically be available at free of charge (*). Please feel free to try a Nagase super-precision machine.

* For special cases that cannot be handled with tools, jigs and measurement units on hand, separate arrangements may be required. For details, contact the Nagase sales division.


Open laboratory

This laboratory is open to be used
as your lab.

Support in test production

We offer support in test production, using various super-precision grinders and micro processing machines. Our support includes arrangement of not only machining itself but also procurement of materials and tools, manufacture of die parts and others. We have a lengthy track record, especially in the machining of large and long workpieces, micro processing, free form surface creation and other unique machining. We will make a quotation according to your request and specification. Consult us any time.

Use of facilities

A variety of super-precision machines installed in the Nagase temperature-controlled factory and technical center are usable on an hourly basis. If your current facilities are not capable of handling required works and any of the following conditions apply, we will help you.
* There are potential orders with the help of Nagase.
* Certain accuracy is required for certain machining.
* Enhanced service life and functions of dies need to be demonstrated by experiment.
Nagase staff will give guidance in operation and allow you to use facilities for measurement.

Available facilities

Available grinding machines

  • Ultra precision surface and profile grinding machine
  • Ultra precision surface and profile grinding machine
  • Ultra precision surface and profile grinding machine
  • Ultra precision surface and profile grinding machine
  • Ultra precision surface and profile grinding machine
  • High precision surface grinding machine
  • High precision surface and profile grinding machine
  • Ultra precision force and position synchronized control
    grinding machine NSF-440WS
  • Long workpiece ultra precision forming grinding machine
  • Ultra precision rotary surface grinding machine
  • Ultra precision small indexing unit
  • Ultra precision grinder
    (force and position synchronized control grinder)
    NSF series
  • Ultra precision grinder
    (force and position synchronized control grinder)
    NSF series

Machines for machining various compound semiconductor wafers

  • Ultra precision grinder
    (force and position synchronized control grinder)
    NSF series

Available measurement devices

  • Profile measuring machine
  • Contour and surface roughness
    measuring systems
  • Surface roughness profiler
    ZYGO Nexview NX2
  • Flatness measuring instrument

* For details of using each machine,
 refer to “Product information”.
* Availability is of April 1, 2023.Please confirm with
 Nagase sales personnel or technical engineer.
* For support in test production, we will prepare a quotation
 upon request.


Experts in super-precision machining. If you have any type of machining under consideration, please feel free to consult us.

Consultations are free of charge. For those who are thinking of introducing any equipment, a machining test will basically be available at free of charge.
Provide the sales personnel at one of our local sales office with information about required accuracy, workpiece size and material. We will review your requirements at our technical center and reply to your inquiry.

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